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The store front at our location specializes in offering Kentucky and Berea themed merchandise such as Caps and Beanies, T-Shirts and Crewnecks, Socks and more. All of the merchandise in our store is designed and printed in-house and features local landmarks and state themes.

Our design approach includes keeping the customer very involved in the process. Our in house designer will take the time to understand the vision you have in mind for your logo, web or social media site in order to take your ideas and make them a reality.



We understand how important the first impression is. We want to help you make your mark by creating a mark that is memorable, impressive and a perfect representation of your business or organization. We also offer branding design that encompasses every aspect of design in your business or organization to ensure that every design is cohesive and follows the same theme. Style Guides are also available.


From business cards to postcards, brochures, hang tags, door hangers, flyers, posters, banners, signs and more, we have you covered. We're able to design in a variety of styles and formats and can create the exact look and feel you want. Our print design goes back over a decade and we work closely with our clients and our print shop. Because we also print, we know the exact specs to design under.


We use a designer friendly website interface. We don't have to focus on the code side of the site. That means we're able to charge you less and also focus solely on the design and flow of your site. The interface is so user-friendly, that you won't have to hire us to make changes. We will show you how to log in and make simple, quick changes yourself. (This entire site was created in the interface we're talking about.)


Impressive and effective advertising is so important, especially on a budget. We can design any and all of your advertisements. Small format or large format, mailers or billboards, social media posts or banners. Any style, any format, and full color. Just like our print design, we work closely with print to determine the most efficient and effective way to design and export your ads.

Logo Design

Check out some of our most recent work.

Print Design

Check out some of our most recent work.